wiping solution recovery from Intaglio printing

The SEILER UF-Process is optimised from the moment the spent wiping solution enters the plant. A sedimentation tank, included as standard, removes the largest ink particles from the solution - allowing the plant to deliver continuous performance up to 99% recovery.

The level of automation of the plant is adjusted to the customer's needs - be it fully automatic which requires no operator to be present during production, except for the occasional restocking of the required chemicals, or semi-automatic with reduced manufacturing costs but slightly higher labour requirements and a batch-based processing method.

Independently of the chosen configuration, the process is efficient, cost-effective and as eco-friendly as possible. Continued development results in the newest modifications and optimisations becoming quickly and reliably available to our customers, even over an extensive period of time following plant commissioning.

SEILER is the owner of an approved Austrian patent regarding further optimisation of the ultrafiltration-based wiping solution recovery method, achieved by employing a decanter centrifuge to further increase the recovery rate.

Equipment / Accessories

The tanks are manufactured in reinforced PP or stainless steel, which are proven to be resistant to all chemical impacts occurring during operation.

The standard scope of supply includes integrated wiping solution heating circuits, individual drainage pumps for each tank, continuous tank level control, automatic chemical dosage and an optimised and simplified operating interface, featuring large flat screens.

Magnetic particle separation, wiping solution cooling, constituent measuring capabilities, wireless and remote plant controls are optionally available.

SEILER is always keen on further improving its solutions, so please do not hesitate in contacting us regarding a specific requirement that you may have.